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Jim Lewis, Software Engineer

View my current resume in html or doc format.

Check out my latest book on Amazon! Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp by James Kent Lewis

Here is my first book on Amazon: Linux Utilities Cookbook by James Kent Lewis

This is my latest work in progress, a space civilizations app in Java: SpaceGameII

This is a Star Trek type game based on a program we played in the 80's: Spacegame

Here's my Java submarine game: Sub Game

Land on the moon: Lunar Lander site

Here is Targ for Java , a maze type game. It starts easy and then gets harder on every level.

Go to my Stratego 1-Player Game for Java page.

View my OS/2 Web page

If you want to download these games to play them locally they are available from my OS/2 page.

Tego for Java - Download Tego, a 2-player Stratego Java application.

Send me an email! jim@jklewis.com

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