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Last update 1/30/2014

Welcome to my Submarine Game site. Back in the '80s I wrote this game in Advanced BASIC on my TI 99/4A. I wrote this in Java in 2009 and have made some updates to it.

The object of the game is to destroy the battleships with your missiles while avoiding their depth charges. Use your countermeasures and move the sub up or down quickly to avoid the torpedo from the Phantom Sub as it packs quite a punch. The Sub Status field shows how much damage your sub can withstand.

Getting close to the bottom is a good way to avoid the depth charges. You can also land on the bottom but you will suffer a little damage. However, landing on a Red pad will increase your Sub Status and get you more missiles, power, and countermeasures. You are safe from depth charges while on a pad or the bottom but you still need to be careful of the torpedoes.

After you destroy all the battleships you move up to a new level where the ships are even harder to take out. The Phantom Sub gets a lot sneakier as well. If you get to level 6 a Bonus number will appear. And, if you can get to level 10 without ever having your sub destroyed you will see a Super Bonus number. If you ever get this please send me a screenshot of it, and I will include it and (optionally) your name on this website.

Game play:

  • Left arrow to go left and again to speed up
  • Right arrow to slow down or stop
  • Up arrow to go up
  • Down arrow to go down
  • Space Bar to fire missiles
  • Enter to stop all sub motion
  • C or E to deploy countermeasures against torpedo
  • F3 to Pause the game

I appreciate all comments, good and bad. If anyone wants to submit their own custom battleship .GIF file that would be great. Just be sure to use a transparent background.

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